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Guided Biofilm Therapy: Deep Clean & Polish with AIRFLOW®

We have launched a new dental hygiene treatment: Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT). This uses gentle, state-of-the-art technology AIRFLOW ® to clean and polish the teeth. More technically speaking, the procedure removes biofilm, stains and young calculus on natural teeth, restorations and implants.


What are GBT and AIRFLOW®?

GBT is an 8-stage process to gentle but deep teeth cleaning, using the EMS AIRFLOW ® machine. GBT is a predictable procedure for the removal of biofilm (bacterial flora which forms plaque), stains and young calculus from teeth, implants, restorations, orthodontic appliances and from above and below the gum line.

Benefits of the procedure

There are three key benefits of GBT and AIRFLOW® compared to normal cleaning and polishing:

  1. AIRFLOW®is the ONLY technology that removes biofilm from all the nooks and crannies around your mouth, for example, deep pits and fissures, interdental spaces, crowded teeth and around implants. It is also a fantastic way to clean the areas around fixed orthodontic braces!
  2. GBT is extremely gentle and minimally invasive, preserving the integrity of natural teeth, implants and fillings. The GBT and AIRFLOW® system is also the gentlest way to clean teeth and remove staining.
  3. GBT is a very comfortable procedure at each of 8 stages. The AIRFLOW® machine uses warm water so we are able to use the treatment for areas of recession and normally sensitive areas without needing local anaesthetic.

GBT using the AIRFLOW® system really is an ideal procedure and it’s now available in member care plans at The Gentle Touch. We will provide the treatment to our members with healthy gums on the Annual Plan. Members on our Regular Care Plan and Hygiene Plan can also access the treatment with a supplementary fee.

AIRFLOW® is also available to all members and non-members as a one-off “dental spa” treatment. It’s a fantastic option for stain removal and teeth cleaning in advance of a special occasion, holiday or treat. See hygiene treatments for more information.

Airflow and GBT in action

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