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General Dentistry

We offer the full range of dental treatments. Our dentists have fantastic levels of experience as well as additional skills and qualifications. As such, the dentistry we offer is based on the best available evidence to ensure we can offer predictable solutions.



Metal fillings (amalgams)

These are good value, functional fillings that are very strong.  The disadvantage is that the cavity needs to be a retentive shape so that the filling won’t fall out.  This can mean drilling healthy tissue to create undercuts, etc.  Metal fillings also look dark and the metallic elements can seep into the tooth and cause a grey discoloration. All our therapists and dentists can restore teeth with amalgams.

White fillings (bonded composite resin)

These are the most conservative type of filling as they bond to the tooth and therefore the cavity does not need to be inherently retentive.  As the bond is very strong, it also serves to seal the cavity to prevent bacteria spreading. It’s also worth mentioning that these also look and feel fantastic. For that reason, white fillings are the preferred treatment option in dentistry in the case of cavities.

Onlays ‘overlays’

Onlays replace the ‘biting’ surface of previously weakened back tooth, protecting them from potential fracture. These restorations are highly recommended as these are very strong, and restore teeth to their original healthy shape and shade. The best bit about them is that because they are bonded to the tooth, there is no unnecessary drilling. Evidence suggests that these last a very long time; greater than 10 years. 


A crown replaces most of the outside surface of the tooth.  Some badly damaged or heavily filled front teeth may benefit from having crowns to protect the underlying tooth from breaking as well as improving their appearance.  Crowns can be made from a range of different materials, from gold to ceramic (the most naturally looking).


A bridge is a lab-made ‘fake tooth’ which is bonded onto an adjacent tooth or teeth to replace missing teeth.  There are different types of bridges which can be made out of different materials.  We prefer to use a minimal (conservative) design wherever possible to preserve as much healthy tooth as possible.


We offer the full range of dentures which range from a single tooth temporary replacement to replacing many teeth. All our dentures are designed to blend in with your remaining natural teeth or they are made to appear how your teeth used to look. We have a special Denture Plan available for our members.

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